Canada Volunteers Overseas in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal

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Local grassroots projects. Low volunteer fees.

For Canadian volunteers overseas in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal.

Why Openmind projects as a Canadian volunteer abroad

Based in Thailand, Canadian volunteers can help local people together with our local people thus gaining unique cross cultural and international work experience, starting with the best and activity based volunteer training in Southeast Asia, Learn more about affordable volunteer fees

More reasons for Canadian Volunteers to go overseas with Openmind Projects

Choose between many different volunteer tasks in Southeast Asia

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Our first website was made by the son of a poor Thai rice farmer He is now the Thailand manager!


Canadians Volunteer Abroad to Teach English in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal
Teach ICT, computer and Internet Skills Abroad in Cambodia and Thailand
Support Conservation and Sustainable Eco Tourism and Community Development in Laos, Thailand and Nepal
Assist with Child and Health Care
 in Thailand, Nepal and Cambodia

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Openmind Projects offers affordable and value for the money volunteering work abroad. Why pay CA$60-90 per day—the rates many travel and volunteer organizations charge—when you can spend only CA$22 per day with Openmind Projects in Thailand for a two month period? Your contribution goes to support our local projects and you only!

Our Volunteer with Support option. A Volunteer Bargain


Our fee of CA$22 is about 680 Thai baht. On your own a room in a guesthouse in Thailand would cost you 400-700 baht per day and wouldn't include a volunteer placement/project, meals, volunteer support, handbooks or training!

With us your entire fee goes towards supporting our grassroots projects in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal as well as our international volunteers, not to any administration, office, promotion or other costs overseas.

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Our popular Cross Culture Training for Volunteers Abroad

Read about about our Cross Culture Training for managers, teachers, and other ex pats in SE Asia Goabroad Training

Gain critical cross cultural and volunteer work abroad skills with Openmind Projects! A responsible volunteer abroad prepares carefully for his or her volunteer work. Before you travel our Online Volunteer Overseas Handbooks will give you important country, culture, volunteer and travel abroad advice. See what other volunteers have said in their Volunteer Overseas Testimonials.

We help you open your mind and adapt while volunteering overseas in a new and different culture. Our free 3-day Volunteer Training program in Nong Khai, Thailand, eases your integration into the local cultures you'll find in our projects. Together with our overseas volunteers we provide free training and educational and computer support to schools, villages, orphan homes, national parks and other projects in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal. Volunteers who attend our training can hit the ground running and work more effectively and efficiently in their placement. In the training we rely on our learning by doing philosophy. Read more about our Volunteer Overseas Learning Philosophy!

Volunteer Abroad. Discover yourself and learn for life!

Volunteering overseas with local people in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos or Nepal with Openmind Projects provides a rewarding and very useful experience, a fast track to personal development through cross cultural interaction. Discover another culture and yourself, test your limits, challenge yourself, connect with people abroad and build lifelong friendships!

Canadian Volunteers Overseas with Openmind Projects

Our volunteer abroad opportunities are open to all nationalities. Energetic volunteers are always welcome! We can often arrange last minute volunteer placements for busy travelers and those who have limited time. Our volunteers are students on vacations or a gap year who seek international experience. They are professionals on career breaks. They are retired and seeking new and meaningful challenges. They come as a group or family, sometimes as groups from schools, colleges and universities.

When you Volunteering Abroad with Openmind Projects you can work in sustainable eco tourism, community development, child or health care volunteer projects such as teaching English in Thailand or teaching computer skills in Cambodia, Laos and Nepal.

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Innovative Volunteer Training

Discover new ideas when you volunteer abroad. You learn to take initiatives, understand and adapt to another culture, and work independently!

Volunteer Overseas. For how long?

Our volunteers abroad are welcome for flexible periods from two weeks to twelve months or even longer and any time of the year!

Where you can go as a volunteer from Canada

Our Canadian Volunteers help us provide free English Teaching and Computer Training in Schools, Villages, National Parks and more.

As a Canadian Volunteer Overseas you can Teach English in a Buddhist temple.
Or help Children in a rural Thai or Cambodian Village School
You ’d like to volunteer and teach English on an Island?
Volunteer Abroad to support Sustainable Community Based Eco Tourism.
Help Children and Teenagers to use IT, Computers and the Internet to learn.
Help people improve local Health and Child Care.

Environmental Volunteering Abroad: trekking, teaching, diving

Learn for nature and future! We reach out to sustainable community development and eco tourism projects working for environmental conservation to protect wildlife in threatened national parks. We send Canadian volunteers to assist in local conservation initiatives and to scuba-diving work in Thailand or Cambodia to help investigate the coral reefs: amazing marine environmental and conservation volunteer work in the stunning Andaman Sea.

Many Options for you to Volunteer Abroad with Openmind Projects

You can volunteer work abroad projects in over 60 projects in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal. Our teaching, conservation, community development, child and health care work and medical volunteer abroad projects offer amazing aid and volunteer abroad opportunities.

We will send you more information on projects available in Southeast Asia for you in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Nepal.

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